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Privacy statement

We respect your privacy and protect your personal information. Please read this Privacy Policy to learn more.
This privacy policy applies to orders placed online.
BuyButtonParts.com may have links to other sites not owned or operated by Cutting Edge Promotions, Inc. We are not responsible for privacy practices or content on these sites.


1.         Information Collection.
We collect information from you when:

  • You create your account online. This information includes name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • You request information to be shipped to your address or sent via email address.
  • You leave a comment or review online.
  • You contact us and we need information to look up your account.

(a) Registration and Ordering: Before ordering products, you must complete an online form. This form provides us certain personal information, including but not limited to your name, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, and email address. The personal information is used for billing purposes, to fulfill orders, to communicate with you about your order and for internal marketing purposes. If we encounter a problem when processing your order, your personal information may be used to contact you.

(b) Email Addresses: An email address is the best method of getting your order details, order status and tracking information to you. Emails are rarely used to send promotional sale offers, but may be utilized for this reason. You can always opt out of receiving emails.

(c) Product Reviews: You may choose to submit a product review. If you post a review, we will ask for your name. You can choose to put initials or whatever you feel comfortable with. We are not responsible for any personally identifiable information that you choose to submit as part of your review.

(d) Customer Service: If you contact us via phone or email we may need to ask for information like your name or zip code to look up previous orders, answer any questions, etc.

2.         Information Use and Disclosure.

(a) Internal Use. We use your personal information to process your order and supply any customer service to you. Customer service can also include emails regarding updates to your order along with tracking information.

(c) Shipping Companies: In order to ship your order we must disclose your name, shipping address, email address and sometimes a contact phone number.

(d) Credit Card Processing: Information must be submitted to Authorize.net in order to charge your credit card.

(e) We will not sell, trade or rent any personally identifiable information to other companies.


We have proper safeguards implemented on the site for both the customer and our company. Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) is provided for all financial transactions through the Site. We use SSL encryption to protect your personal information online. We use the highly respected and well known company, GoDaddy, to monitor our site daily to ensure that our site is secure.

We use the standard industry precautions to safeguard your personal information, we cannot guarantee complete security. 100% complete security does not presently exist anywhere online or offline.


Upon your request, we can correct or update your personal information. We can also terminate any future emails being sent to your email address or we can delete your account from our records. You can make any of these requests by emailing customer service.

Please do not email your credit-card number or other sensitive information.


Offline is considered as conversations or sales communicated by other means like phone, email or fax. We protect your personal information in the same manner. We would not think to handle it with lower standards. When making a phone order we will ask only for the personal information we need in order to place the order or to answer questions. We store your information (such as order information) when we enter it in our database through SSL encryption. Faxes and emails are also used to obtain order information.

When we receive a fax or email for an order we transfer information to our database via the SSL encrypted page and then shred the hard copy. As mentioned before, we treat offline collection in the same manner as online.

Please do not email your credit-card number or other sensitive information.

We always encourage a contact phone number to communicate the final details like total price and payment details (like credit card number).