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You will need a button making machine and the quantity of button supplies you wish to make. We carry our Professional Brand Button Makers for those that want a quality button with the least amount of production time. We also carry the Badge-a-Minit button makers for those looking to make buttons on a smaller budget. These button machines make nice buttons, but in some cases can take a little longer to assemble. All button part supplies are sold in complete sets unless otherwise noted.

Cutters or graphic punches are very nice to have to get your buttons completed too. They will aid with cutting or punching your paper out to the correct size to fit in your machine perfectly. If are not ready to invest in a cutter or punch, you can use scissors or other type of adjustable cutter. View our button resources to print your button size layout sheet to see if your cutter will cut the correct size.

What are you putting on your button? Depending on your answer, you will need a computer, graphic design software, printer and of course paper. We offer PrintShop Deluxe 23 on our website, however if you already have software just email Erica to see if our templates are compatible.

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If you are not 100% sure on the type or size of button parts you need for your button machine please contact Erica. Include a picture, diameter of mylar (length of mylar across the middle), names listed on the button maker and where you purchased it.
Sales tax will be added to your order if you live in Indiana.

You can either create an account and then start shopping or create your account after you have all your items entered in your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout where you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, by check or PayPal.

You can also email or call to place the order or request an invoice sent to you through Paypal.

Please create an account online before emailing your order and requesting the invoice through Paypal. Once we get your email we will look up your account and enter the order. Your Paypal invoice will show the same order number listed in your buybuttonparts account so you will have a record of all your orders placed with us.

Yes, we do! We just need the signed purchase order faxed or emailed before the order is entered. Please create an account so we can enter the order quickly and accurately. This will come in handy if other personnel order and we need to make sure the correct button supplies are getting ordered.

To get the total of your purchase order, add the items to your shopping cart and calculate your shipping. If you need any help, just call or email.


Shipping rates are based on the weight of the items purchased and the destination zip code.

Add the items you are interested in purchasing to your shopping cart, a box will pop up that will allow you to “View Cart” to specify destination information. Insert Country, State and Zip Code to get your shipping rate.

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