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2-1/4" Professional Paper Punch

2-1/4" Professional Paper Punch

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Product Description

A paper punch is best used when you have multiple images lined up as rows and columns on a sheet of paper. Your sheet of paper has to be cut into strips and then fed through the punch.

Benefits of the Paper Punch

  • The continuous images per row through the punch increases your speed.
  • The circular opening on top is your guide to accuracy.
  • The compact size makes this an easy tool for travel or small work spaces.
  • Lastly, you don't ever have to worry about a blade going dull because there is no blade to change.

Easy to Operate

  1. Cut printouts into strips
  2. Slide strip into punch
  3. Line up from easy view window on top
  4. Push down handle and remove cut graphic

The paper and mylar will be larger than the actual button because it wraps around the shell of the button.

See actual cut size below and/or print out the layout sheet and template from here.

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