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High Capacity Die Cutter

High Capacity Die Cutter

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Product Description

The all new High Capacity Die-Cutting Machine utilizes industrial strength steel-guideline to slice through paper, cardstock, chipboard, fabric and more.

The High Capacity Die Cutter will handle up to 10 sheets of paper depending on the thickness. We recommend cutting 5 at a time to obtain the best accuracy. Sheets up to 14" x 17" can be used with our paper cutter.

The High Capacity Die Cutter is a sturdy hand operated machine that will keep going for many years and is the main tool recommended for making exact button cuts accurately and quickly. Up to 5,000 cuts per hour! This will save you time and money on your next job putting more profits into your pocket.

The sides additionally fold up, giving you more space to work when the machine is not being used.

The main support required for the High Capacity Die Cutter is infrequent replacement of the Die Tray, Cutting Plastic and Cutting Mats. The steel roller never should be replaced. The Cutting Plastic will confront a large number of cuts... thousands!

See the video on this page and watch how easy it is for you to use. No tricks.. one handed operation to cut 100 button graphics in just 10 seconds.

If you have any other questions just let us know.

This is a special order item and cannot be returned.

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