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  • Plastic Centering Template

    Plastic Centering Template

    The plastic centering template is used as a guide for cutting your paper out with the Adjustable Rotary Cutter. The template allows you to see where the cutter will come down on your paper and make the cut.
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  • Cutting Plate

    Cutting Plate

    Replacement cutting plate to use with your adjustable rotary cutter.
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  • New Sharper Cutting Wheel

    New Sharper Cutting Wheel

    Have an extra cutting wheel on hand so you aren't left cutting out circles with scissors.
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  • Plastic Cutting Sheet for Die Cutter

    Plastic Cutting Sheet for Die Cutter

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  • Paper Punch Paper Pop-up

    Paper Punch Paper Pop-up

    Accessory for 7/8" through 1-3/4" Punches to ease the removal of cut paper.
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