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7/8" Round Mylar Only (Clear Plastics)

7/8" Round Mylar Only (Clear Plastics)

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Clear plastic mylar is a crucial part of making a button. The mylar protects your paper during the button making process and after it is made. Your circle cut out with design and mylar wrap around the shell and get crimped during the button making process. If you do not use mylar over your graphic, the metal shell will cut the paper and cause it to start peeling off. After the button is made, the mylar protects your paper from the elements.

Mylar is included with all button making supplies. If you are making a pin back, magnet, mirror, keychain or any other type of button you need plastic mylar. Print shops or those doing large quantities may choose to laminate their sheets of graphics and bypass the mylar. All mylar sold is .003 thickness. If you need .002, contact us to see if it is available.

When you make your button, you will inset your shell in the pick up die (die on your left if you have the dies perpendicular to the base), next the cut out circle of paper, and then your plastic mylar. The rest of the components that make up the back of the button will go in the crimp die. View how to make a button for an image.

It is very easy to drop the mylar pieces, lose them or even use more than one during the button making process. Let’s say you are in a hurry and grab your stack of mylar and they fall. Depending on what surface they fall on, they could be ruined. They attract dust easily and if you wipe the dust/debris, you may scratch it.

Losing these “clear” plastic circles is pretty easy. A small quantity in a bag may be overlooked and thrown out. Larger quantities are harder to misplace, but it can still happen. Always keep your button making supplies together. It’s a good habit.

It can be difficult to grab a single piece of mylar especially if you are in a hurry or tired. This will cause you to run out of mylar or even jam your button maker. Using one too many mylar pieces can either cause the machine to jam or the extra thickness can cause the machine to apply too much pressure and cut the mylar on one side. If you notice a rainbow tint on the surface of your button then you used an extra piece of mylar. If you get the machine jammed, you might find an extra piece of mylar or extra shell stuck in the upper die once you get it unjammed. There are other reasons why a button maker gets jammed. This is also a good read.

If you need extra mylar, just visit the category for your button making supplies. Mylar is described by what size button it is used for, not the actual size of the mylar. For example, 1” mylar will be 1.313” in diameter because the mylar used for 1” buttons is larger so it can wrap around the shell.

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