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7/8" Round Magnet Button Sets

7/8" Round Magnet Button Sets

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The 7/8 inch magnet buttons are assembled with the 7/8 inch button maker. There is no special adapter or required tool to make the magnet buttons. Magnet sets are sold complete with plastic mylar. The 7/8 inch magnet is the type that you put on your refrigerator. It is the smallest magnet size available. The magnet buttons is made in the same way as a pin back button. The back is made with the collet (ring). After you assemble the button in the button maker, you take the paper off the adhesive back and insert the magnet adhesive side down into the back of the button. The adhesive back will stick to the back of the shell and your magnet will face the outside.

Magnet buttons are easy to make. We suggest making all your buttons first and then sitting down to add all the magnets. The process is quicker if you are only doing one job at a time. While you make the buttons, the design does not have to face a certain way so that will speed up production as well.  

Will people need a 7/8 inch fridge magnet? Of course! People love to collect magnets for their fridge or even work file cabinet, desk. Size really won’t matter because people get magnets for what is on them, not necessarily how large it is.

The magnet can be used as a keepsake for your customers, a marketing campaign or just a novelty item. They work great as gifts, freebies in goody bags, or an inexpensive item in your inventory. If you already sell buttons, the magnet will be a great way to expand. 

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