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6 Inch

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6 inch buttons are like the monster size of buttons. These are unique pin back buttons because they can also double as an easel. The cardboard back has a built in pop out easel that can turn your pin back button into a framed piece of art. You can also take it a step further and purchase the clock punch and cutting board to turn your photo or design into a working clock.

These products are listed below for the 6 inch button size:

6 inch buttons are assembled with the 6 inch button maker - Model 600.

You will find that the cutter used for 6 inch buttons uses 2 cutting wheels in which one half turn will complete your cut. 6 inch graphic cutter – Model 6656.

  SKU Product Our price
600std-mylar-1000 6" Round Mylar Only (Clear Plastics) $58.00
600std-mylar-rings-250 6" Round Decorative Mylar Rings $63.00
600std-pinback-100 6" Round Pinback Button Sets $104.00