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1 Inch

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The 1 inch button has always been the most popular small button. It’s the most common button in the band promotional, punk, rock, and emo groups. You will find the amazing designs or phrases on this size of button. They are worn as decorative art for book bags, web belts, canvas bags, hats, shirts, and jackets. These buttons are about the size of a U.S. Quarter.

These products are listed below for the 1" button size:

All types of 1 inch buttons are assembled with the 1 inch button maker - Model 100.
Graphic punch used for this size is the 1 inch graphic punch - Model 1313.

  SKU Product Our price
1std-pinback-1000 1" Round Pinback Button Sets $48.00
1std-magnet-250 1" Round Magnet Button Sets $53.00
1std-flatbacks-1000 1" Round Flat Back Button Sets $40.00
1std-medallion-1000 1" Round Medallion Button Sets $42.00
1std-earring-500 1" Round Earring Back Button Sets $79.00
1std-mylar-1000 1" Round Mylar Only (Clear Plastics) $13.00
1std-ponytail-250 1" Round Pony Tail Holder Button Sets $94.00
1std-vb-split-keyring-250 1" Round Versa-Back Split Key Ring Button Sets $90.00
1std-vb-zipper-250 1" Round Versa-Back with Zipper Pull Button Sets $75.00
1std-versa-back-250 1" Round Versa-Back Button Sets $63.00
1std-shoelace-250 1" Round Flat Shoelace Back Button Sets $60.00
1std-vb-snaphook-100 1" Round Versa-Back Snap Hook Key Ring Button Sets $74.00