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Button Machines

What is a button machine? Here at you will find our Professional model button maker and the Badge-a-Minit brand button makers. These machines vary in different ways, but they are all button making machines.

The Professional button makers are great for those that want a nice button without too much work. Some people can make 250 or more buttons per hour. There is also a larger variety of accessories you can produce with these types of machines. It might be called a button maker, but some of these sizes can make lots of great items.

The Badge-a-Minit type of button maker is more for a hobby or someone who does not want to invest much money. The colorful assembly rings you find in the hand and bench press kits require a little more work. Follow the directions carefully and you will not make any mistakes. There is a 10-15% failure rate with these types of machines. With a little practice, it might not be that high.

The semi-automatic machines are similar to the Professional model button makers because you are just inserting your button parts and bringing down the handle. The machine does the rest.

The most important difference between these two types of button makers is the size of button parts they use. If you have a Professional Button Maker you must order Standard Size Parts. 

Badge-a-Minit size button parts must use Badge-a-Minit Size Button Parts. If you have any questions about what type of button machine you have, please contact us.

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